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Chris is passionate about raising the next generation of young, focused and talented filmmakers. This passion is what birthed Master Class with Chris Odeh (MCWCO); a seven-day all-expense-paid Masterclass for young producers, which includes feeding, accommodation, training sessions and training materials.

This initiative is an annual program and was premiered on his birthday in 2020. Chris has trained about thirty young producers who are thriving in the film industry and have been involved in several big projects.

Learning. Fun. Bonding. Networking

Hear From Our Alumni

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ThankGod Ebo (Filmmaker)

Coming in contact with Mr. Chris remains one of the best things that ever happened to me in my Filmmaking sojourn. His love for impacting in others transcends beyond just the Masterclass to the necessary guidance and support needed as Filmmakers. Mr. Chris is indeed a priceless pearl to not just the budding Filmmakers that come in contact with him, but to the entirety of the Filmmaking world.


Uche Ateli (Screenwriter)

Last 2 years when I got accepted into the Masterclass, I wasn't sure how to progress with my film journey. At the Masterclass with Chris Odeh, I got clarity, a network of young, passionate film makers and a platform to shine.
Today, CHOKE, the movie I wrote is an award winning movie and I can confidently say it wouldn't have been possible if I had not joined the class.


Victor "Attitude" Achor (Filmmaker)

Experiencing the masterclass opened my eyes and mind to an unbelievably deeper perspective in producing films. There’s so much knowledge to be acquired here that you most likely would not find in any text book. There is so much power in filmmaking and “…power is nothing without control” - Chris Odeh.


Iyamu Osaretin Retz (Filmmaker)

Being a participant of MCWCO 3.0, I realized that producing goes way beyond having a good story idea, writing a script and making the movie. I learnt it has so much to do with determining my target market and suitable distribution channels. I also realized that there is a better way to budget for a movie and I got a deeper knowledge of how to pitch a movie project to prospective investors. The impact of the masterclass has changed my producing career forever and I can't wait to be a volunteer at MCWCO 4.0. With Chris Odeh, there is always something fresh to learn.


Thecla Uzozie (Filmmaker/Actor)

From the very first time I heard about MASTERCLASS WITH CHRIS ODEH, I knew that I had to attend it. I was well aware that I would learn a whole lot, boy did I underestimate how much I would actually learn! I gathered in seven days what would have taken me years of experience to learn, and all this is because someone who took that long road, deemed it fit to make the road less perilous for younger ones ALL FOR FREE! Masterclass with Chris Odeh not only unlocked a new level for me in my filmmaking journey, but also afforded me a pool of insanely talented filmmakers who have grown to become family which is why I recommend it STRONGLY to anyone who really wants to take their filmmaking journey seriously.



Selected applicants will sit under Chris Odeh’s tutelage for seven days and get the opportunity to pick his mind, learn his process, connect with new people and experience an opportunity of a lifetime.